The Difference A Pound Makes

For every pound I lose I have decided to write a change or something positive I have noticed/experienced/felt to help keep me on track. Just simple reminders why I am doing this.

My highest weight I’ve ever been in 240lbs.

225: Heres to the 1st pound, the hardest pound, but its where it all starts.

224: 2lb change is a tiny change, but better than none.

223: Dear Fat, Its time to GTFO!- thoughts while eating carrots. hahah

222: Slow and steady easy does it…

221: Had a good run today. First time I didn’t care so much about people watching in the gym.

220: Ran my first mile straight! Yay! Came a lot easier than last time.

219: sleeping just a tiny bit better.

218: Finally got past this point! I bounced back and forth for 8 days.

217: This pound finally pushed me past my stuck point. So happy!

216: Feeling like this could actually be possible again.

215: Eating healthier is becoming a little easier.

214: Openly talking with Kelsey about my healthy change was really encouraging.

213: Finally feeling like I’m getting somewhere!

212: Noticing changes in how clothes fit and loving it!

211: Gaining some confidence. Went out of a few dates this week 😉

210: Goodbye 15lbs! Hopefully for forever. If you’re being technical from 230 its 20lbs!

209: Laura Sue is the first person to notice my weight loss! Thanks for the compliment =]

208: My watch that used to be loose then tightened up once I gained weight. It is now sliding along my wrist a bit easier now ^.^

207: I finally am comfortable walking into the gym. I don’t feel as out of place

206: My dad made a comment about “noticing” my weight loss….I’ll take it.

205: I am finally back at my “move home” weight! So freaking excited about it.

204: My bras are starting to get a big bigger. Sad and happy day. My rib cage/back is shrinking! yay

203: Learning to balance my food a little better. Ended up increasing my calories and doing better actually.

202:I’m starting to see my tendons in the my feet again.

201: Some shirts are starting to feel lose.

200: Starting back up with the strength training. Ooph I’m sore! Sore and happy.

199: Feels awesome to be out of the 200 range.

198: Been so comfortable with the gym that I’ve actually been working out with a couple of friends.

197: Playing my guitar more. Its easier to play without a belly in the way.

196: Out of the obese BMI standards! Booyah!

195: I’ve had to sew and take in several pairs of pant and shirts simply because life is too expensive to just buy new clothes. I’m really happy about it though!

194: My sister is encouraging my change a bit more these days. Loving the support.

193: My double chin fat is gone!

192: My chest is shrinking and I freaking LOVE it.

191: At this rate I’m going to need to buy new clothes for summer! Yay for downsizing!

190: Got a new haircut to celebrate my achievement. Loving it so far.

189: I’m not craving sweets as much as I was before.

188: I signed up for a 1/2 marathon…what did I do?! HAH

187: The back fat is gone! Its one of the first places I loose weight after my face.

186: My shoes are getting lose again. Again, a sad and happy moment.

185: 2 inches are gone off my neck.

184: My waist has lost a total of 3.8inches.

183: At this point my hips have lost a total of 4.8inches. =D

182: Bought myself a new bra because the rest of them are meh fitting now.

181:Finally caved and bought a new pair of running shoes. They’re Asics… I have a brooks adrenaline pair, but I figure rotating the two can’t hurt.

180: I am OFFICIALLY the smallest I have every been. Even compared to last time when I lost weight. Holy crap. So insanely happy I only ate a tiny piece of brownie last night… haha












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