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What would it take to be HAPPY? A lesson on perspective

Today God decided to randomly to hit me with a bit of perspective in life. It started with talking to my mother about dieting and losing weight. And it actually wasn’t too bad or critical. I could tell she was intentionally walking lightly. Trying to not push and buttons, which I appreciate. But I admitted that more than anything, I wanted to look good at graduation. She responded with, “I would really like you to be happier with yourself.” Without thinking I said, “I hate to break it to you, but I’ll need a lot more than shrinking to make me happy.” She paused for a moment and asked, “what would it take?” And I honestly wasn’t quite sure. I just shrugged it off and somehow pushed the conversation onto something else knowing it was linked to some emotional baggage.

But is stuck with me. What would it take? Honestly. I think thats a question I’ve rarely asked myself. I think its a good question to ask yourself. What would it take to make yourself happy? If your unhappy, what would it take to change that? I had to really sit down and think about it. Losing weight is one for me. Getting healthier and being more active is another. Getting into medical/graduate school would also be big for me. Making better friends. Along with my others that I’m keeping to myself for now. My suggestion to you is Go Make A List! Sometimes list making helps identify what our next move needs to be. What we can actively do to change and reach our goals.

In today’s society we are always told to strive for more, but what are you happy about now? Why aren’t you happy now? Despite motivational things about living in the moment and living for today I find it impossible to do. A mix of media and college saying plan for your future all the time makes it hard. Always having thinking about tomorrow and not now. Not being happy or content where I am at, and always looking to improve since where I am at is so awful. Not to knock self improvement, by any means. I’m wanting to lose a large amount of weigh for pete sake! But take a moment, is it really so awful? Where you are right now is probably a lot better than what you think. Where did this idea of where you’re at is not good enough to make you happy now come from? My suggestion, Make Another List! For me, I’m thankful for my loving family, no matter how dysFUNctional. For my blessings in life, like my car, my ability to attend school, my phone, the few supportive friends I do have. My freedom as an American and so many others. As I got into it I realized, Its not the happy people that are thankful. Its the thankful people that are happy.

So, what does it take to make you happy? Why aren’t you happy now? Think about it

With peace,