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Size problems- Not large or curvy enough for plus sized but not thin enough for “normal” clothes

So I just want to say shopping is the most frustrating thing in the world. I have no idea how some women find it therapeutic at all. It just stresses me out to no end. I find if I look in “plus sized” sections or stores I’m not big enough.

For a large woman, I have probably the tiniest butt ever mix it with being top heavy causes shopping to be just about impossible. But when I’m in those sections I also find they are filled with over bedazzled crap. Or really ugly “minimizing” patterns. Who said plus size needs to be gross? Seriously? You’re SUPPOSED to be fashionable.  On another note, since when did I need to be labeled as a “diva” or “fabulous” to be that size? Last I checked 1/2 the time I hate those words.But if I’m overweight I obviously have low self esteem and need it to be boosted by these words…..NOT. But who is to say women of other sizes large or small can’t be a diva or fabulous either.

When I go into normal sized stores I don’t see any of that B.S advertising talked about above. When entering I go right to the larger sections the very back of the rack. I have no illusions about my size, but majority of the time they have only 1 or 2 items in the large size. Last I checked there are more than 2 overweight women wanting to look cute, and forget about carrying XL. In the rare event that they have a plus size AND its in the store(A lot of the time you HAVE to go online) I find that the clothes only get wider. And winder by like 5times. Just because your large is the size of my calf doesn’t mean the XL needs to be the size of a tarp. I’m usually swimming in the stuff. And most of the time they are STILL too short which is the reason the large didn’t work in the first place. Simply because my chest caused the shirt to pull up and I don’t want to show my mid drift to the world. But that problem isn’t fixed in the “plus size” or larger sections of stores. So ANNOYING!


But basically, anyone out there know where to find cute clothes? For us in between girls I mean. The ones who never quite fit in anywhere. Honestly, at the end of the day I don’t give a damn what the size says, or where its from, I just want to look good and feel good in it. I’ll step off the soap box now.


Signed, an in between girl. 




Resistance and Persistence

Hello world!

So last night totally didn’t binge! I didn’t eat a single thing! Whoorah for being good. Today, however, is turning out to be a bit of a roller coaster. This morning I ate good but caved on the free ice cream.

Yet, today was and up when I went shopping. An up, clothes shopping?! That never happens for me. But it was. Jeans shopping specifically. As normal I went for big sizes not caring and just needing something to wear that fits. I hate getting help from workers. I get anxious and shy about my body. But today was a whole different story.

I walk into Levi’s jeans in the outlets in IN and expect to just grab something try on a bunch until I found a fit that was okay and bought it and left. I was first approached by Luke, who honestly, I was very closed off and not mean but not pleasant to him either. I didn’t the “We are just browsing” please go away thing. To his credit he was EXTREMELY pleasant the whole time. I think he realized it was just me not being comfortables I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s felt that way in a jeans store before. Another woman approached and I gave her the “we are just browsing polite thank you” but I’m sure it seemed kind of fake. My patience was already wearing thin thanks to my mother talking to her even though I blatantly did NOT want to talk to her. Her name, I learned later was Devin. She handled this situation beautifully and knowing my mother was frustrating me just explained the styles so she could leave and I could find things easier. After getting through a try on round, Luke still then approached me even after I felt awful bout my behavior.(It probably wasn’t that bad, but I prove myself on being VERY polite and thankful to customer service industry-having worked it myself) He continued to be very kind and offer many different options and solutions to what “wasn’t working” I found 2 pair that fit alright and a bonus Luke found us clearance pair! My wallet is grateful. But after that we had a better idea what I need. But I really needed a short size. Not really my legs, but the pockets. I don’t have a butt to be honest and pockets always sit super low on me. Frustrating. I was ready to be done by that point. I fit into a size 11,12,13,14,and 15. People wonder why girls get so frustrated by pants size. The “juniors”(odd sizes) fit better because It is tight around my legs and knees which I need. But I like flare to help balance out the look of my boobs. But anyway. We were kind of overwhelmed with finally deciding on that I wouldn’t be able to get a short.I just  needed a pair for awhile to hold up.

Then Devin came to the rescue.(My pants superhero!) She offered me a style that was shorter, but I needed to go a size smaller. Tried on a 12….that was too big. Tried an 11….still too big. Tried on a 10 short slight curve which runs smaller. I just laughed when she said try a 10 when pulling them off the racks. Thinking, lady I just tried on a 15 that fit a bit, I don’t think I could squeeze my thigh into a 10. I tried it on and it was perfect. It fit my legs, gave me a butt, and it was a 10!!! In a style that ran small. OMG! A 10! I haven’t worn a 10 since middle school.

Now for the downside afterwards. I went for a run today and couldn’t run for a straight 6 minutes. I was dying! I ran 8 in a row easier after running 2 times yesterday. I didn’t get why it was so hard. I decided to quit eat dinner and then try again afterwards with inserts in my new shoes. Hopefully it will work better and I can do the run later. For now I’m going to rest and digest. Read my book. Seriously I’m kidding by ellen Degeneres (SO FUNNY!)

With peace,