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Fat to Fit Series: Thoughts On Diet/Nutrition (Part 1)

So Insanely True

So Insanely True

This post got really long, so I broke it up into two parts.

So, as I’ve been going through this transformation from fat to fit, I’ve had just about a million different thoughts as far as health is concerned. My brain has spent countless hours thinking about nutrition, health, body composition, metabolism, fitness, diet and tons of others. Between media alone its easy to get wrapped up in all the different body’s of thinking as far as getting healthy goes.

Just about every diet imaginable exists. There’s paleo, vegetarian, pescatarian, vegan, south beach, weight watchers, detox diets, juice cleanses, “military meals”, fasting just to name a few. All have their pros and cons. So how in the world am I supposed to know what to eat? I mean the pin on pinterest disagrees with what this post on Facebook says. The news is telling me that I just need to take an Acaci berry mix to boost my metabolism while Dr. Oz is giving me lists of “super meals”…these are not directly quoted things, but I think most people can agree that these are very close to reality and it’s really hard to decipher whats what when it comes to nutrition via media. Despite there being actually really great resources existing among the junk.

What I believe is a large problem in the US, is the lack of basic understanding as far as nutrition goes. The aforementioned media does not contribute to solving this confusion. Its something that is assumed is taught in the home, and unlike many other (skinnier) countries, the US is one of the few places that does not actually teach nutrition in HEALTH CLASS or PE. Does this not seem ass backwards to anyone? Its health class, shouldn’t I be taught how to nourish my body? I know that alcohol and drugs are bad, which is generally the focus (at least it was in all the variations I took through the years) but whats the point of avoiding those things if my body is already treated as a waste container with all the junk food I’m giving it? But I digress.

One minute something is bad for you, the next day its a superfood. (see past articles on eggs and their cholesterol vs. protein) You shouldn’t eat carbs, but eat healthy things like lots of fruit….but thats a carb? Diet pop (soda) is actually worse for you than regular (soda), and while eating dried fruit over that bag of lays chips is great, drying fruit can eliminate 30-80% of the vitamin and antioxidant content. So I decided to write out a few things I know to be absolutely true when it comes to a healthy diet. Feel free to do more research. I’d love to hear about it =]

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The 30lb mark!

Hey everyone! So I’ve stepped on the scale the past few days and it made some drastic drops from 210lbs. I waited two days just to make sure it wasn’t just water weight shifting but I am in fact 204.6lbs!(pictures at the bottom) I’m so excited. I am 4.6lbs away from reaching my goal I wanted to hit before end of this summer. Who knew it would be this easy!? And all done the healthy and safe way! Okay, in reality it wasn’t easy but it is in fact doable. If I can do this, anyone can.

A running note, I am finally getting back into the swing of things and fighting off food cravings. However, its been on a treadmill. For some reason, running outside is super hard for me. Which worries me a little about my 5K. Oh well. It’ll all be okay eventually, right?

On a life note, I’m doing good. Having a hard time coming back to reality this week. Tonight is my first go group(like a small group) with the church! Also going grocery shopping. Me and a friend I met last year are getting closer which is nice. Trying to eat better, and have been really doing well with R(My guy).In addition I found this recipe for gluten free/sugar free cookie dough dip, and it actually looks good! This girl has this website full of healthy/better options for desserts. I will let you know how it goes!

Please check out her blog! I haven’t made anything yet, but this is the one I WANT to make.

Hope you’re all doing great!


Peak Weight: 235lbs

Start Weight: 225lbs

Current Weight:204.4lbs

Weight loss so far: 30.6lbs

Here are some pictures literally exactly a year a part from each other. I cropped up to the chin so you can see how the weight has left my face too. This is scary for me, so please be kind. =P

After: Summer 2012, roughly 205.5lbs

After: Summer 2012, roughly 205.5lbs

Before: Summer 2011, roughly 235lbs

Before: Summer 2011, roughly 235lbs