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Running slump

Just a quick update

Its seems I have hit a running slump. I tried running on a treadmill and got hurt. Ironic that they are “safer”. But out of perseverance the next day I decided to to try it again, and it worked really well. It had been so hot here that I decided to go a few days in a row. I also thought, hey, this way I can keep a consistent pace too. But I tried running outside yesterday and it SUCKED. I only managed to to run for a solid 15minutes before my legs just couldn’t anymore. Even slowly I couldn’t. So I’m starting my running schedule back up and starting more in the middle with 15minutes of running then walk then run 15 more kinda deal. I just NEED to be able to run by august and the 5K I already signed up for. Concerning. Oh well.

Just an update. Thanks for reading.