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Closet Cleaning & Weight Update

In addition to healthy eating I believe it’s important to keep your living space healthy as well. I’m not talking about cleanliness, though it is supposedly next to godliness. I’m talking about clutter. The clutter I accumulate oh so easily with my sentimental/hoarder ways. The biggest problem for me is clothes. Especially with how drastically my weight fluctuation is, its hard to let go of clothes. Even though I may not have worn it in ages, despite weight gain or loss, the voice in the back of my head says, “What if you NEED it later?” So I’ve been planning what I’ve labeled as, “The Purge”. I went through my whole closet tried EVERYTHING on and downsized. If I hesitated, I kept the mantra of there is something better that I’d rather wear. GET RID OF IT! I also had to rule of, if it went into the trash bag, it was NOT allowed to come out. I then reorganized my closet and took the bag to the mission. I believe it is more important to try to donate to homeless shelters than places like Goodwill when possible. Not to knock them, since I shop there all the time, just personal views. Honestly, it feels great! I feel like I’ve eliminated a ton of junk. This is also going to help a ton with ┬ásummer coming to an end and yet another move coming my way.No point in moving and carrying things around I won’t wear or want to keep. Next on the list is the jewelry and bathroom purge. But those are way less time consuming that the closet. So yay!

Diet has been going okay. I’ve had a hard time starting back up with mini binges but I think I’ve finally gotten it under control. I realize for me the tradition has to be a bit slower to avoid feeling like I’m starving right off the bat. I found this is easiest for me since its a drastic adjustment because my struggle is portions, and I’m used to just filling myself. Instead of cutting off right away slowly doing it helps me stay on track. I’m proud to say I am down to 209.6 lbs! Which means I get my first “reward” off my list. Pedicure time with mom! =] Super excited and happy to be losing weight once again.

Have a great week everyone!


Peak Weight: 235lbs

Start Weight: 225lbs

Current Weight:209.6lb4

Weight loss so far: 25.4lbs


Beginnings 5/20/12


I don’t know where to begin. But I guess I’ll explain why I am starting this again…

I am currently by BMI standards obese. I have actually been working a little bit and have maintained around a 220lbs average to 225lb last year. At my heaviest around Christmas this past year I was 235lb. Ugh. Kill me now.

I am realizing, I have a food addiction. Its really hard to explain and I stress eat but other times I just can’t stop. I feel really ashamed of eating in front of people, often getting food and brining it into my room so no one can see me. I plan times to eat alone, which is where I’m starting to notice I have a problem. I plan and lust to eat and eat way past feeling “full”. I don’t dare say I’m hungry in front of anyone, no one wants to hear that from the fat girl. Blechy. I can’t wait to just start feeling better about this, so I could finally say ” I love ice cream” without fear of judgment from others. Okay. Refocusing, I am attempting confidence here.

So I’m trying to get fit.

To do this I’m implementing a few different things. I’m starting to run, holy crap I can’t believe I am doing it. I’m trying this, coach to 5K and my fitness pal to help me out with all this. I am also going to try to eat all my meals sitting down in the living room with my roommates around. That way I will be less likely to gorge myself out of embarrassment. Who says shame can’t be a constructive thing? I know I am going to try to only weight myself once a week and stop obsessing over it. Sunday nights it is.

I’m also trying to a 5K called the color run coming up in the Michigan area in august. I really want to do this and hopefully the financial investment will help keep me motivated. I also want to try rock climbing really bad. It looks so fun, but I never wanted to go out of fear of not being able to do it and people making fun of the fat girl. Possibly needing several people to help belay me…guh. That would be a nightmare.

I do have some fears in all this…what about the loose skin afterwards? *shudder* Lord help me. I just need some confidence.

So far for breakfast I had oatmeal and a banana. Lunch will happen after church but haven’t really decided what and will need some dinner too. Working 430-630. Possibly staff volleyball the run #2 possibly at the gym. wtf mate?! Public exercise who knew.

I’m turning 21 june 2nd and I hope to be at least a pound or two lighter.

Peak Weight: 235lbs

Start Weight: 225lbs

Current Weight: 218.6lbs

Weight lost so far: 16.4lbs