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Turning 21

So my 21st Birthday weekend. Wrning:scattered writing ahead. Just trying to fit it all in.

It was great! A bit of a let down at points but amazing overall. Jess came up to see me for the weekend so that was nice. I’ve felt really let down by a lot of friends lately. My surprises actually started friday on the 1st where my guy sent me flowers and a teddy bear. Whom I cuddle and sleep with every night now. THE BEAR YOU DIRTY MINDED PEOPLE! ha. Worked a lot that day and finally got my hours up to 20+ or so. The next morning woke up. Kinda waited on my friend Laurel to meet me for breakfast. She backed out and kept me waiting. Almost missed my 90 minute facial appointment at a veda downtown. Luckily they moved in to 1230 for me. It was super nice and relaxing. Laurel ended up reshedualing. On the way home Jess called and got to the dorm! Her, Laurel, and I all went to eat at this Chinese place.Yum! I didn’t eat the best, but I definitely hadn’t been doing horrible.Then ice cream which laurel bough(thanks!) Later went to applebees. I went with her my friend Kayla(whom I love as well!) Marie and Alex my “brother”. Cassie (another brother) showed up last minute as a surprise. Marie bought my dinner. (thank you) and Steven and Randall showed up last minute as we were leaving. I accidentally spilled salad and it got all over my jeans. So we had to pack up and go back to school to change. Changed. and FINALLY the night started. Headed downtown me Jess and Kayla with Steven and Randall in tow. However, Steven called and said he got a call from his GF Meg. UGH. She was cry and said she needed him when they were on a  break and choose my birthday of all nights to reconcile. Lame. Damn me being  good friend. I really like Randall…but I’m so in the friend zone. He could never like a girl like me. But them not going actually ended up being for the better. It was super crowded so going out the few of us was perfect. Me and the 2 girls decided on going downtown to Mojo’s a dueling piano bar with a dance floor and bar upstairs. Oh my god was it fun and super cheap! $3 dollar cover charge(which Jess paid for later thanks!). I didn’t actually drink because I honestly didn’t want to. Wasn’t in the mood and a little sad about my friends not really coming through for me on my birthday. 21 of all birthdays to be let down on, kinda sucks. Oh well. But we mixed it up going from upstairs to downstairs. On the way out I actually saw my boss.I had a blast honestly. Walking home stranger kinda bothered us trying to hit on Jess. I can’t help but wonder, maybe if I was thin and pretty I would have gotten hit on that night. Kayla got asked to dance and so did the collective but I’m pretty sure he meant them. I know this is not living up to the title but I felt low. Its an attempt at confidence. No sucking at it. Oh well. On the upside I did manage to run once. Sunday ran two times. Monday I took a break. I’m starting to wonder if these brooks adrenalines are actually whats starting to hurt my knee. Went to church sunday and it felt great. I made the choice that I want to get more involved. I marked the “I’m interested in a go group” and “learn about mission trips” boxes. Both trying to make me more accountable about church and all. Tomorrow is my very first big. 20 minute run. I don’t know if I can really do this. I’m terrified. But I will try my best. Lord help me.

Peak Weight: 235lbs

Start Weight: 225lbs

Current Weight:211.8lbs

Weight loss so far: 23.2lbs