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Pre 5K color run jitters

Hey guys.

My first ever 5K is tomorrow and it’s the color run. I am SO nervous. I am actually quite terrified. I have no idea how tomorrow is going to go. I am scared, but all my friends are here to support me. I never thought this day would come. I can’t wait! I want to do it, and I don’t all at once…does that even make sense? Here goes nothing in a beautiful sea of color. I can’t wait! Nothing to lose.

Peace, love, and color


Peak Weight: 235lbs

Start Weight: 225lbs

Current Weight:194.6lbs

Weight loss so far: 40.4lbs


The vow-day 5 Surprising Scale Movement(40lbs later)

So today started out with a surprise! I have been dropping weight rather quickly(Which never happens) and yes I have been eating enough and yes I have been working out and doing this all the healthy way. I measure in the mornings to avoid water weight. But according to the scale in 5 days I have lost about 6 lbs. I’m thinking its a mix of when I was eating “bad” I have been eating the better choices of the bad. Does that even make sense? As well as I dropped to 193 the week before gaining again. So I’m wondering if that has anything to do with it. Like its easier to move weight that didn’t exist before? I don’t know if there is any truth to that. As well as I think I’m going to get my period next week so maybe thats why my weight has been so stubborn and suddenly shifted? Sorry, thats probably TMI but oh well. I’m just hoping it stays off.

However, it puts me at the end of my summer as 40lbs lost. HOLY CRAP! I NEVER ever thought I could do that, ever. Not in my wildest dreams. I’m now out of the obesity BMI standards and 40lbs lighter. yay!!!! I’m so excited. I am like dancing around the room excited. I still have a long way to go, but its still an improvment.

My work out today was a bit hard to start. I started on on a walk run treadmill finishing a mile. Then ab work and then decided I would not accept such a crappy run. So I hopped onto the treadmill again and rock a 2.1 walk run. HECKS YES! Finally something to feel good about. Even though it was somewhat slow, I just am happy everything worked out.

I had oatmeal for early breakfast, then a breakfast sandwich later because I got up way early and was super hungry. Went to class. Had pretzels as a snack. Went to work. Worked out. Staff meeting, and now I am about to go out with my staff for team trivia at a pizza place. I have decided I will indulge just a SMALL amount only.

Thoughts after dinner:

Didn’t do so hot. My boss bought a ton of appetizers for the table and that way no one had to buy. But because of that I just couldn’t say no. I had a potato skin, 4 cheese sticks, chips with salsa and avocado/artichoke dip. Crap crap crap. So glad I did the extra time at the gym. Tomorrow is my day off. So I have to get a few things done, then I just need to go hard at the gym. Laundry. Organize and clean to move.

Hope you’re all doing well.


Day 4

Peak Weight: 235lbs

Start Weight: 225lbs

Current Weight:194.8lbs

Weight loss so far: 40.2lbs

The vow -day 3

Today got up and got dressed for the gym. But it doesn’t open until later on sundays.Oops. Went to church. Came home made lunch of leftovers! Yummy chinese food. Then lazed around. Just felt so exhausted today. Went for a small crappy run =/ But it’s better than not at all. Made a dinner or chicken and rice (same kind for yesterday). Just about to pass out. Tomorrow is an early run day. I’m debating going twice and cleaning. Possibly weight lift too!

Hope you’re all doing alright.


Day 3

Peak Weight: 235lbs

Start Weight: 225lbs

Current Weight:197.4lbs

Weight loss so far: 37.6lbs

Helpless-Pre 5K Color Run Freak Out

Hey everyone,

I’m just writing this post because I am semi freaking out about my 5K. Yes I have been running and I should be fine. But I keep having this doubting voice in the back of my head saying, “You can’t do this” and what if I can’t? Everyone will laugh. I’m going to be so disappointed in myself. I dunno. I’m really am scared, dreading it, and super pumped about it all at once. Also my stubborn weight loss is bumming me out too. I’ve actually gained a few pounds. (wtf?!) I have eaten just over 1200 calories a day and all very clean things fruits veggies oatmeal, making sure I’m getting protein. All good things.And I work out so I can eat over the 1200 diet but still am eating enough for my body to function. Yet I’m gaining weight?! I hate my body. Okay I shouldn’t say that. Body peace is goal here. Its just frustrating. I wouldn’t care if I just maintained even, but no, I’m gaining. I feel like the minute I’m not eating 1200 calories a day, I’m going to swell up like a balloon. =/ Its one of those days I just want to quit everything and not run and not do the 5K. =[

I wish I had some hope, but I feel absolutely helpless right now. =/


Running slump

Just a quick update

Its seems I have hit a running slump. I tried running on a treadmill and got hurt. Ironic that they are “safer”. But out of perseverance the next day I decided to to try it again, and it worked really well. It had been so hot here that I decided to go a few days in a row. I also thought, hey, this way I can keep a consistent pace too. But I tried running outside yesterday and it SUCKED. I only managed to to run for a solid 15minutes before my legs just couldn’t anymore. Even slowly I couldn’t. So I’m starting my running schedule back up and starting more in the middle with 15minutes of running then walk then run 15 more kinda deal. I just NEED to be able to run by august and the 5K I already signed up for. Concerning. Oh well.

Just an update. Thanks for reading.