Post Thanksgiving Weight-Is this real life?

So, Thanksgiving was basically a bust for me. Diet and exercise both really. Everyday I tried to start with the mentality of, start again….and I would kinda lose it through the day. A bite here, a nibble there. Holidays are hard when grandma is trying to be nice and making your favorite dessert for you. So you end up guilt eating it….but lets be honest, it was delicious all the same. Just a little sad when I really did want to eat clean.

So its safe to say I was nervous to step on the scale this morning to see the damage I’d done, and I saw something absolutely shocking.

191.8lbs. Ummm what?! Thats not real. I hit the scale again… and 191.8lbs blinked back at me. I repeated this several times. Went brushed my teeth tried again to just make sure it wasn’t a blip. This morning I was in fact 191.8lbs. What in the heck?! After my mini splurge the weekend prior I was 194.8lbs. That was a 2 1/2lbs gain. After two days of cleaning eating and exercising I started break and ended that cycle. So with the weekend on Thanksgiving I had 6 days off basically. I didn’t step on a scale, diet, or work out at all during this time, none of it. I had a true break from diet and exercise.

I didn’t just maintain, I actually lost weight. What in the actual hell? This just goes to show you, this weight loss journey is absolute shennangiains. The numbers on the scale is truly misleading sometimes. To those of you who wrote to my prior post, maybe you were right. Maybe my body did just need a break from diet and exercise. Not to say that I’m not right back at it starting this week! Here is to getting back into the groove on healthy living.

I realized something through this though. I noticed that even though I was dreading stepping on the scale, I was okay with it.I was at peace. I’m happy, and I hope you all get to feel this way. No matter where you are.


But its nice to have a weight loss go in my favor for once, when I’m used to the reverse situation.

Have a wonderful week lovelies,



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I'm your average twenty something female. Just trying to figure out how to live my best life loving those around me. Feel free to ask me anything I'm an open book or comment as you like.

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  1. Hey, you should know that a kilo (2.2lbs) or so is a pretty normal fluctuation for anyone on a day to day basis. I encourage my Personal Training clients to only weight themselves once or twice each month, that way they get a feel for the trend of their bodyweight movement, rather than tracking every time it moves up and down based on hydration levels, what they’ve eaten and whether or no they’ve had a bowel movement.
    That said, sometimes a break from diet and exercise is good for both mind and body. You’ve inspired me though, I might write a post about weighing yourself. Thank you.
    Liked the post, by the way.

    • Glad I could be of some help? hah I’ll have to look for your post!

      I’m aware that the scale does vary a bit through the day based off of everything you mentioned. Its part of why I weight myself consistently at the same time in the morning prior eating and such. Its more for consistency than anything.

      Measuring everyday, for someone like me, doesn’t hinder my success.It actually keeps me on track. It serves as a reminder to keep going.

      Since I’ve done this weight loss thing for awhile, I am pretty good about keeping reality in mind when it comes to the scales.I don’t really get too critical until at least a week has past.

      But this weight drop was pretty much a miracle. After a a week of HORRIBLE eating and no exercise and several binges, it shouldn’t have happened. So I was expecting an increase, since that is what my body usually does. I’ve just accepted that my metabolism decided to not make sense for a moment.But I’m okay with it if it means dropping the pounds!

      Have a great day!

  2. Metabolisms frequently just don’t make sense for a while. Since I’m not a biologist I just accept my lack of understanding and move on with a smile if it happened to not make sense in my favour.
    I posted that article this morning, here’s the link:

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