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Dear Skinny Girl At The Gym

Dear Skinny Girl At The Gym,

Yes you. The one with the sports bra. You with the super tight legging/yoga pants. You who wears barley anything at the gym. I’m jealous of you.I wish I could feel that confident anywhere, let alone in a public place like the gym. I’m jealous of your body’s ability to move. How easily you glide past the miles. How you make it seem like running is nothing. I’m jealous of the lack of weight you have to push through. I can’t help but think, if you have the added pounds that I do, would you really be so eager to run? Would you really want to go to the gym as much as you do. That few miles I do are freaking hard! At least hard for me. Hell, showing up here with all the beautifully fit bodies to judge me was hard. I’m jealous of how you’re able to come without worrying who is around. Heck, you might even like the attention with your fit bum and tight abs and pretty arms. I long for that feeling. I hate how I feel everyone is watching the fat girl run.

I wish to be you skinny girl. I really do. I’m trying.

-Signed a fat chick at the gym.