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The Comeback-run #1 and weight update

This past week was a struggle with food. I had 2 semi rough days, but not the worst. I tried balancing as best I could, but lets be honest, there is only so much you can do with pizza. Pizza, my weakness, so cheesey yummy doughy goodness. So I chose to eat really clean for the past few days and it’s paid off! yay! I am down to 204.6lbs! I know it may not seem like much to some, but to me thats huge, and it feels great.

I also finally started to run again. I’ve only gone 2 times, and plan to go again, but DANG I am out of shape! Cardiovascular strength goes quick. If that isn’t a lesson to never quit ever again, I don’t know what is. But it feels good to finally work back into health. I’m lifting today so that’ll be interesting. My sister also has been helping me stretch my legs and gain flexibility. If any of you have any tips for loosening up your quads/hamstrings that’d be great. The time away mixed with the nerve damage has tightened them up really good.

In other news, I head back to school come the 5th. So my summer is ending all too soon. But thats ok. I’ll get to see everyone and move into my new place.



Peak Weight: 235lbs

Start Weight: 225lbs

Current Weight:204.2lb4

Weight loss so far: 30.8lbs


Binge Round 1 on the restart

Just had my first binge since the start of my weight loss. Woke up and feeling starved. Went downstairs thinking I’ll just have a small snack. Next thing I know I’ve downed a ton of food and killed a huge chunk of calories for the coming day, 1008 to be exact. Thats humiliating to even write. Its been about 10 minutes and I feel AWFUL. Like I want to puke my stomach hurts so bad. This is the worst part to binges. I just want to feel better but I just make myself sick and feel so guilty. On the upside I WAS 105.8lbs this morning but I’m sure thats about to change…..ugh. I hate this about myself. 

Just needed to write and not focus on how gross I feel.



Closet Cleaning & Weight Update

In addition to healthy eating I believe it’s important to keep your living space healthy as well. I’m not talking about cleanliness, though it is supposedly next to godliness. I’m talking about clutter. The clutter I accumulate oh so easily with my sentimental/hoarder ways. The biggest problem for me is clothes. Especially with how drastically my weight fluctuation is, its hard to let go of clothes. Even though I may not have worn it in ages, despite weight gain or loss, the voice in the back of my head says, “What if you NEED it later?” So I’ve been planning what I’ve labeled as, “The Purge”. I went through my whole closet tried EVERYTHING on and downsized. If I hesitated, I kept the mantra of there is something better that I’d rather wear. GET RID OF IT! I also had to rule of, if it went into the trash bag, it was NOT allowed to come out. I then reorganized my closet and took the bag to the mission. I believe it is more important to try to donate to homeless shelters than places like Goodwill when possible. Not to knock them, since I shop there all the time, just personal views. Honestly, it feels great! I feel like I’ve eliminated a ton of junk. This is also going to help a ton with  summer coming to an end and yet another move coming my way.No point in moving and carrying things around I won’t wear or want to keep. Next on the list is the jewelry and bathroom purge. But those are way less time consuming that the closet. So yay!

Diet has been going okay. I’ve had a hard time starting back up with mini binges but I think I’ve finally gotten it under control. I realize for me the tradition has to be a bit slower to avoid feeling like I’m starving right off the bat. I found this is easiest for me since its a drastic adjustment because my struggle is portions, and I’m used to just filling myself. Instead of cutting off right away slowly doing it helps me stay on track. I’m proud to say I am down to 209.6 lbs! Which means I get my first “reward” off my list. Pedicure time with mom! =] Super excited and happy to be losing weight once again.

Have a great week everyone!


Peak Weight: 235lbs

Start Weight: 225lbs

Current Weight:209.6lb4

Weight loss so far: 25.4lbs

What would it take to be HAPPY? A lesson on perspective

Today God decided to randomly to hit me with a bit of perspective in life. It started with talking to my mother about dieting and losing weight. And it actually wasn’t too bad or critical. I could tell she was intentionally walking lightly. Trying to not push and buttons, which I appreciate. But I admitted that more than anything, I wanted to look good at graduation. She responded with, “I would really like you to be happier with yourself.” Without thinking I said, “I hate to break it to you, but I’ll need a lot more than shrinking to make me happy.” She paused for a moment and asked, “what would it take?” And I honestly wasn’t quite sure. I just shrugged it off and somehow pushed the conversation onto something else knowing it was linked to some emotional baggage.

But is stuck with me. What would it take? Honestly. I think thats a question I’ve rarely asked myself. I think its a good question to ask yourself. What would it take to make yourself happy? If your unhappy, what would it take to change that? I had to really sit down and think about it. Losing weight is one for me. Getting healthier and being more active is another. Getting into medical/graduate school would also be big for me. Making better friends. Along with my others that I’m keeping to myself for now. My suggestion to you is Go Make A List! Sometimes list making helps identify what our next move needs to be. What we can actively do to change and reach our goals.

In today’s society we are always told to strive for more, but what are you happy about now? Why aren’t you happy now? Despite motivational things about living in the moment and living for today I find it impossible to do. A mix of media and college saying plan for your future all the time makes it hard. Always having thinking about tomorrow and not now. Not being happy or content where I am at, and always looking to improve since where I am at is so awful. Not to knock self improvement, by any means. I’m wanting to lose a large amount of weigh for pete sake! But take a moment, is it really so awful? Where you are right now is probably a lot better than what you think. Where did this idea of where you’re at is not good enough to make you happy now come from? My suggestion, Make Another List! For me, I’m thankful for my loving family, no matter how dysFUNctional. For my blessings in life, like my car, my ability to attend school, my phone, the few supportive friends I do have. My freedom as an American and so many others. As I got into it I realized, Its not the happy people that are thankful. Its the thankful people that are happy.

So, what does it take to make you happy? Why aren’t you happy now? Think about it

With peace,


Numbers and such

I figured I should write out how I’m restarting. Last week I was around 215-218lbs but this morning I found myself at 212.6 lbs. Yay, better than where I was.Today I’m starting over eating healthier. Also, my sister and I plan on going for a walk or a mini bike ride. Its not going to be very intense but better than nothing right? I’m getting my life together and things organized which is exciting. Its about to be a great year =] Another up, I probably will be seeing M in 2 days. So excited ^.^


Peak Weight: 235lbs

Start Weight: 225lbs

Current Weight:212.6 lb4

Weight loss so far: 22.4lbs

The Turn Around…Brutal honesty and a few explainations


SUMMER: Recap and an explanation about what happened in the last post.

I’ve been away and my last post was extremely low. I suppose low is a good way to describe how my summer has been going. I started out with injuring a disk in my back causing significant nerve damage. This damaged manifested in losing a large chunk of muscle control in my lower back, thigh, calf and toe. Which basically pulled me away from working out and running. I was basically unable to get around, bend over, and deal with everyday chores. This did spark a lot of anxiety in me and depression which is something I struggle with. 

Add that into coming home to  a very negative household caused a lot of stress. And Basically I hit a depressed downward spiral and gave up. I just gained the majority of my weight I worked so hard to eliminate and have mixed feelings on it.

I went through physical therapy(PT) and got to a point that I was able to actually counsel the summer camp I traditionally counsel. Still going through PT and working to gain my strength back. Another thing directly after that was my family went to summerfest in WI which was a lot of fun. Camping and such. An 11 day festival with 9 venues and amazing artists was a blast but exhausting. I had two days and now I find myself here back in GR visiting a good friend. Convicted to write about…well everything.

Love Life: FLASHBACK. Back in December I started talking to this guy I went to high school with. Lets call him M. Just talking on the phone and getting to know each other more. Some shameless flirting later, I found myself with a giant crush. Despite everything in my past with R and falling so hard and being so hurt by him, I was absolutely shocked that I gained the crush for M so easily. He made it easy. He’s the sweetest guy and I can talk to him about anything. And not to say that I love him just yet, but he’s helped me believe that I could potentially love someone again. If not more so than I ever did R. Which is pretty great. We officially started dating March 31 (Easter) hah. So at the end of July almost 4 months for me and him. He’s wonderfully handsome and right now, he fits me perfectly. Yes there are some flaws we are working through them as a couple. I like him tons and tons.

Coming into the new school year I am setting goals before graduation.

1- Find good friends.

2-Get connected to the church more. Get connected to God more.

3-Finish my personal statement.Shadow more MDs

4- 4.0 a semester and up my GPA

5-Volunteer over 200 hours.

6-Take the MCAT

7-Lose 60lbs in 8months. I believe that is doable. Hard, but doable.Meaning working out constantly and a healthy diet.

8-Grow my relationship with M

9-Get better at my guitar/uke.

10-Love myself. I need it.

I WILL do these. Even if it kills me. I want this for myself more than anything. So there we go. These should all help me achieve what I want for getting into Med School and achieving what I want out of life. Someone made the comment about how society these days is about getting by, and we really should be loving where we are at. I want to love my life. These are the steps I am taking to do so.

With peace,