I’ve been postponing this blog. I have gone on a major back slip. With the stress of midterms I have been gorging myself and eating disgustingly large amounts of food. I’m so embarrassed and regret it so much. A lot of my hard work over 3 weeks is gone again. I gained 7lbs or so. Its amazing how I gain about 2lbs every day which is an unfortunate truth to my body.

Tomorrow is a new day and I will win this fight. I will. I can’t loose and keep doing this to my body. I even feel bad and get sick feeling. Its time to change back to the lifestyle outlook. Not just every few weeks. I am setting a long term goal here. By the beginning of june ( a little over 3 months or so) I want to be 30lbs lighter. Thats 10lbs a month, a little over 3 lbs a week. If anything I’d rather try and fall short, than not try at all. I can do this. I have to do this. This is for me. I am important enough to make this effort and take the time for myself. Tomorrow church, homework, gym. Must eat healthy. I can’t wait!

About attemptingconfidence

I'm your average twenty something female. Feel free to ask me anything I'm and open book or comment as you like.

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  1. I am behind you 100%. If you need anything like a reminder to hit the gym, check my instagram. I usually put inspiring things on there fitness-wise.

    • Awe. Thanks! I’m back to being healthy. I’m using spring break as time to get back to eating better. I simply did not have time during midterms. I work as an RA which gives me a meal plan. Too bad the closest “healthy” option is 2/3mile in Michigan snow (up to shins) away while the pizza place and buffet area is literally in front of my place. *facepalm* Thank you for the support!

  2. You can do it! We all slip up. Fall 7 times, get up 8!

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