What I “Use” For Weight Loss

Hey everyone!

So I got an interesting message the other day asking about what things I “use” to help me lose weight/keep me motivated. Looking back I used/currently use quite a few things.

A liar


When I started running I used Coach to 5K app. It works great for some, but for me it actually slowed me down. Some days it was too hard to finish and others it was like cake. The way it accelerates just doesn’t fit me. Though, I’ve known people who have been amazingly successful on it. I just went with the push it strategy. I signed up for a 5K and that motivated me to run so I didn’t look silly in front of people in 3months. It does a good job of training people to do a warm up. I don’t run without at least walking at a fast pace for 5 minutes. Its taught me the importance of warm ups.


I had to basically teach myself how to work out. Not the running portion more the weights. The internet has a TON of useful information. Pages like Pinterest, Youtube, and blogs just like this one. The more I educated myself the more effective my work outs could be. It can be hard to pick through some of the crazy things. Realize that the fad diets as well as the one exercise that will help you lose 50lbs is made up. This journey is a long hard one and you just have to work for it. The only other thing you have to watch out for is to make sure all the exercises you’re doing is safe. Injury to the body is only going to slow your weight loss down. So make sure you’re taking care of it!



Also when learning how to eat healthy/better/cut calories I used myfitnesspal app. I cannot rave about this app enough! It has helped me in so many ways. First I started with simply eating less and cutting my calories. But in this app there is a “weekly” outlook for calorie amounts. So even if I messed up a day it keep me focused on a small “long term” goal of the week. In addition to that it has two tabs one listing the actual “numbers” of what you’re eating like 24 sugars out of the suggested 168g a day. The second tab on it is a pie chart of the day. It visually shows you what percentage of your food is protein,fat, and carbs. This helped me actually eat BETTER. Noticing I didn’t have very many carbs one day helped me chose a dinner plate with more to help balance out my eating. Also you can see how meals affect your diet for the day prior actually eating it. Again another way to make healthier choices. I slowly shifted from eating less calories to eating healthy calories. In addition to the food portion, it has the ability to subtract your calories for work outs and track your weight and measurements as you go. All this in one little convenient spot! LOVE ITI had a weight waters scale that measures to the .1lbs. This has really helped me see the changes in my body no matter how small and I am grateful.


As far as accountability goes I enlisted a few different tactics. One, I wrote out my goals. Here and a few other places. Two, I told my friends. The more people who knew the more support I got as well as helped me make healthy choices while dinning out. Or at least tried being considerate and making sure their is a healthy option at their party. I am brutally honest with myself and write it here. Forcing myself to tell you all has made me want to keep up my goals. I spent money on my race I signed up for so I didn’t want to back out. Also, Pinterest has a million and one health pins. From exercise, healthy meals, as well as motivation quotes and tools. Finally, other’s weight loss journeys helped inspire me so much. They make is seem so much more doable than like this crazy unachievable goal. Thank you for everyone who is open about your journey, it has helped me tons!

The biggest thing why my weight loss has worked this time was my mindset. I am doing this for me and getting healthy. Not for vanity, because other people tell me I should,

Also, still going strong!!! See below.


Peak Weight: 235lbs

Start Weight: 225lbs

Current Weight:186.8lbs

Weight loss so far: 48.2lbs

About attemptingconfidence

I'm your average twenty something female. Feel free to ask me anything I'm and open book or comment as you like.

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