3 E’s and 7 goals update-5 days. Posted day 6

THREE Es Update

Eating Update: Doing really well. Trying to keep things mixed up. Unfortunately campus food has caused me to at least have a salad once a day. A little bit annoying. Trying to try new foods expand my “yum” options.

Exercise Update: I’ve been getting on the treadmill every day for 5 days straight. Tonight I crossed the under 9 minute mile goal. I did a quick warm up. Ran a 1 mile at 6.7mph. Then ran .50 miles at 6.8mph and finally, a .25mile at 7mph. Then a cool down. Not the longest run. But I beat my goal. Whoo rah. My weight is definitely dropping. See below.

Emotional update: I’m okay. Needed to go to small group tomorrow night. Hopefully keep up on my getting back to church goal. I need to get onto my homework tonight after this episode of Big Bang Theory (such an amazing nerd show-LOVE IT).And a Shower.


3/7 completed within 5 days.

1-Get back into the habit of eating “clean” Done for 5 day

2-Exercise 4 days a week and go hard. If I’m not sore, I did it wrong. Possibly go again. Done 5 days by tuesday. Debating going all week =D

3- Get back to church. Which I’ve started some.

4-Stop procrastinating school!!! I’m the worst at this.

5-Be the best RA possible.

6-Be able to run a 9 minute mile Finished in less than week on day 5. WHOO HOO! Guess some of my summer running did carry over. That or the mental part to it did.

7-Be able to run a 5k without stopping.-yep, I lost all my hard work this summer. Gah.


Peak Weight: 235lbs

Start Weight: 225lbs

Current Weight:187.6lbs

Weight loss so far: 47.4lbs


About attemptingconfidence

I'm your average female college student. Started this blog in the summer to help with weight loss and a place to rant. Feel free to ask me anything I'm and open book or comment as you like.

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