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Foodie Update

So my body has been doing what its supposed to for once. Actually loosing weight in response to my eating. Granted its been quick, but I think a lot was water weight even though I drink a ton. I’ll chalk it up ┬áto bloating.

I’ve been eating better, but I have yet to go work out just yet. So the “challenge” of 10 days haven’t quite started. I am however thursday planning on going to rock climb and learn to belay. yay! I actually did achieve that goal. I went rock climbing for the first time last saturday and had a blast! When I started that was one of my long term goals since I never really had the confidence to do it. So me and my suite mate K and I are planning on going to learn to belay together. Makes it a lot easier.Plus there tends to be some nice man eye candy…yummy arms…wonder why..haha

Also speaking of men. R has been super distant and I’m pretty sure we are coming to a close. It hurts so much, but I’m post poning thinking about it while he is gone. He scheduled a trip to go away for awhile since he was in a car crash awhile ago. He can’t rest at home. Life and all. But hopefully he comes back rested. Even though we are fighting, I still miss him so much.

Currently I am fighting cravings for eating bad things. I am doing homework in the bottom of fuel(an eating place) and wanting Papa Johns pizza SO SO BAD! God it looks amazing, this girl next to me eating it. I have managed to avoid it, and I’m going to, but it doesn’t mean I don’t miss it. I’m going to finish reading this thing for chemistry, go home. Unload my bag and then get food somewhere and go to class. Yay class.

Hopefully going to work out tonight. Had a chem test today. Tomorrow chem quiz. Thursday Physiology quiz, paper and test. Today I MUST BE PRODUCTIVE!

Heres to hoping!


Peak Weight: 235lbs

Start Weight: 225lbs

Current Weight:195.8lbs

Weight loss so far: 39.2 lbs


Let the chaos begin-My own personal diet/exercise rules for starting out

So tomorrow officially starts the STOP EATING CRAP rules.

1)No pop. Just don’t do it. Its a ton of wasted calories and dehydration. So dumb.

2)As wonderful and delicious as the pizza at papa johns and egg sausage sandwich is at Einstein Bros. I just can’t do it. All the calories and fat and carbs from it doesn’t work with my slow metabolism. I’m not saying it’s going forever, but I’m trying to set myself up for success. This means none of it. Sad.


4)Along those same lines, try to drink one whole glass of cold water before every meal. This should help with me thinking I’m hungry when I’m really just thirsty.

5) Try to eat at least one really awesome and healthy meal a day. That way even if I do slip up later, I have that going for me.

6) Do not justify bad eat based off of a poor choice earlier or how I’m feeling.

7) No “late night”. Its a college thing around here. They start serving extra greasy foods and fatty things after 10p-12a.

8)Exercise every other day. Even if its only a few minutes in my room, its better than nothing.

9)Try running 4+times a week. I need to get my butt back into gear if I ever want to run that marathon.

10) Try doing weights 3+times a week. I want to be strong. Screw skinny. Strong and healthy=sexy. Though…skinny would be welcomed. lol

For me writing can help get things out. Remind me of goals and such. This is me doing that. Here is to hoping I’m going to stick with it!


Peak Weight: 235lbs

Start Weight: 225lbs

Current Weight:197.8lbs

Weight loss so far: 37.2 lbs

Grace and Peace,



Starting Over

Hey everyone,

So I have been away for quite awhile.School has been super busy and kicking my butt quite honestly. I’m trying to keep up, but it has been really hard. My residents are awesome this year. I’m trying to keep a balance between them and my old/new friends. I just never know how to be anymore.

I’m feeling lost. R and I are fighting more than ever. He found out he has kids and there is a WHOLE TON of baby mama drama. He has been getting so frustrated, but takes it out on me. I’m getting tired of it, but I am so absolutely in love with him. It took awhile but now we are almost at the year mark and I know in my heart, if I was honest, I do love him. I love him so very much. It sucks because I feel its end coming. I feel so helpless and wanting to be with him all the time. Its so upsetting to feel this way.

Health Update:

So I have slipped up a bit. I am back to 197.8lbs. Its so hard to eat healthy on campus. I swear I just need to forget about it. But I want to keep going.So I am trying to set the 10 day goal. But in those 10 days I need to work out every other day. Which would be 5 total if not more. I also need to pick up my running. I came so far, only to slip back. I need to gain some diligence in my life.To refocus it I suppose.


I want to be more involved in church. Mostly small group stuff. I am thinking about that and being more active on campus through pre med club, chemistry club, and amnesty international. I also need to volunteer ASAP.All this med school stuff, I feel so behind and it is upsetting to no end.


I just need to pray for grace,guidance, and peacefulness.

Thanks for listening.

As jumbled as it was.