Helpless-Pre 5K Color Run Freak Out

Hey everyone,

I’m just writing this post because I am semi freaking out about my 5K. Yes I have been running and I should be fine. But I keep having this doubting voice in the back of my head saying, “You can’t do this” and what if I can’t? Everyone will laugh. I’m going to be so disappointed in myself. I dunno. I’m really am scared, dreading it, and super pumped about it all at once. Also my stubborn weight loss is bumming me out too. I’ve actually gained a few pounds. (wtf?!) I have eaten just over 1200 calories a day and all very clean things fruits veggies oatmeal, making sure I’m getting protein. All good things.And I work out so I can eat over the 1200 diet but still am eating enough for my body to function. Yet I’m gaining weight?! I hate my body. Okay I shouldn’t say that. Body peace is goal here. Its just frustrating. I wouldn’t care if I just maintained even, but no, I’m gaining. I feel like the minute I’m not eating 1200 calories a day, I’m going to swell up like a balloon. =/ Its one of those days I just want to quit everything and not run and not do the 5K. =[

I wish I had some hope, but I feel absolutely helpless right now. =/


About attemptingconfidence

I'm your average twenty something female. Feel free to ask me anything I'm and open book or comment as you like.

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