Favorite Work Out Moves?

I get by with a little help from my friends =]

I get by with a little help from my friends =]

Hey everyone! Today I want to ask (if anyone is reading even) what are some of your favorite work out moves? Lately I find myself doing the same things over and over. Not that it isn’t working, but I think me AND my body are starting to get bored with it. Yes I’ve upped both the weight and reps. But I still wish I knew more. Being a poor college student limits me to not ever seeing a trainer and making it up on my own. With the help of the internet this very unfit girl taught herself to workout. So here I am trying to do it again.

A sample work out of mine goes something like this:

I ALWAYS stretch and warm up before. It helps prevent injury and increases flexibility. My body will appreciate me later.

*Pick 2 of the following groups then cardio at the end*


  • bicep curls 15reps(3X)
  • triceps dip 20reps(3X)
  • weighted “row” single arm at a time  15reps (3X)
  • push ups 50reps (3X)
  • triceps extensions 15reps (3X)
  • laying triceps extension 10 reps (3X)


  • Squats 15reps(3X)
  • squat jump 10reps (3X)
  • squat holds 10reps(2X)
  • weighted walking lunges, in each hand 3 times around the track (3X) *At my gym that’s a mile of lunges*
  • calf lifts 50reps (2X)
  • wall sit 2 minutes (up to 5X)


  • crunches 50reps (3X)
  • side crunches each side 50reps (3X) *each crunch you can pull up your knees to make it harder*
  • balance ball sit ups 20reps (3X)
  • leg lifts each side 50reps (2X)*Lift with your side!*
  • Russian twists with medicine ball 20 counts on one side (4reps)
  • plank 1 minute (3X)

To finish I do at minimum 30minutes of running. But try to do an hour or so of walk/running or 3-5miles. Whatever happens first and depending on my mood, as well as how much “bad” food I want to eat.

Finish with a 5 minute cool down and stretching. Your body will be a lot happier if you do this later.

So what do you do? What work outs do you enjoy or work best for you? Would love to hear from anyone and everyone!

*Side Note: I am in no way shape or form a personal trainer or a fitness expert. If you try any of these it is at your own risk. Plus if you had to sue someone, it would be wise to pick someone with money, which wouldn’t be me.*

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