SHOOT! Weight loss tips

Hey friends!

So my scale is broke. Darn it! I have to go buy another one =( Why but college be so expensive?! But I am off to leave for a summer camp I work every year. Be back in a week. 

My concerns are eating healthy without being able to take the time and prepare my own food. To count all the calories. I know I can still rock oatmeal and breakfast. Thank goodness. So that should help some. Then salads at dinner and smaller portions. Do any of you have tips for this situation? We have planed meals and in a mess hall but I really really don’t want this to be the reason I mess up. And I can’t even track it! ugh. I’m so nervous. Help weight loss friends!

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I'm your average twenty something female. Feel free to ask me anything I'm and open book or comment as you like.

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  1. I try for 2-3 portions of fruit a day, I dont worry about the calories in vegetables, a piece of any meat should be about the size of your palm alone no thumb or fingers (300 calories) and a cup of starch is about the same 300 calories (potato, rice barley). It’s not perfect but for a week it’s good enough. Count long enough you make up silly rules.

    • I appreciate those silly rules =P just don’t want to derail after doing so well.

      • One it converts to a lifestyle, your program of portion contol and excercise will become rule driven for life but in fact they will be your rules not mine.

      • I guess I’m just worried because I try to measure stuff a lot. I grew up in a household with huge portions and no where close to healthy eating. I’ve kinda just taught myself how to do all this by reading online and teaching myself how up read a food label. It’s a bit nerve racking.

      • One sparrow doesn’t make a spring and one lapse doesnt make a failure. We are all human and all screw up. It is not the failure tha counts, it is how dillegent you remain in retuning to the overall program you can live with. Make that rapid corrective action a part of your new lifestyle.

  2. My mom always reminds me a lot of color on your plate is a good thing meaning go for foods with colors. Like carrots, green beans, strawberries, blueberries, ect. A colorful plate is a healthy plate.
    Also just make sure not to snack in between meals. And keep your portions small and drink plenty of water!
    I hope this helps!!!

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