Monthly Archives: March 2012

Mid week Chicago

Things are a lot better. Sarted horrible. Got time away from mom. Much much better. Blue man group was great. So tired. Bed.



Im in Chicago visiting medical schools. Yes I’m a now medical student. As of now, I’m graduating in 4 1/2, 5 years. Sucky.
Work sucks.
The people are driving me nuts.
I miss my old body. I still havent lost weight. Pretty sure I’ve gained weight. I plan on writing in this more after spring break ends. Now that it’s on my phone. It should be easier.
Lord help me.
This week with my very thin family shopping makes me suicidal. Guh. I hate myself so much. All I want to do is go eat. I need to get rid of that want. To just eat and eat. When I’m bored, sick, lonely, sad, upset…all the time. I hate it. I feel like I have no control. How am I supposed to diet and count calories or points? That adds an extra detail to normal eating that I couldn’t handle before. I hate this.
Screw it all to hell.
I’m getting to see my friends tonight. So that’s awesome.

Trying to keep positive. But I have 4 more days of this.
I just wanted to look at colleges. But no. Have to be with everyone…fml.