About me


My name is unimportant. Lets go by B. Let me start out by saying. I’m a terrible writer. I am writing simply to get things out and maybe help me process and figure out the crazy that is my life. I am just going to start with random facts about me to kind of give anyone, if anyone reads this, will have an idea where I am coming from.

I wish I could just start from the beginning, but if you’re reading this, you are coming into the middle of my story so we shall just deal. Here is a bit about me.

I’m a 20 year old white female who works as a Resident Assistant at my university. I am single…sorta. Thats a bit confusing and a separate part of my life. I’m trying to loose weight. I was once lighter and came to college…and well…the rest sucks.HA. But at least I’m honest and know its a problem. I am currently fighting the nursing school admissions at my school. Its very possible that I am going to be turned away with a 4.0. My back up plan….I realized today, is to become a doctor. I think I almost want to be a doctor more now. But its  life, and I’m too far it. I’m letting fate decide and see if I get in. I am also a junior/third year here. I LOVE my college, but my residents, so called friends, colleges, and class mates tend to know just how to push my buttons sometimes so more often than not.I may have a daily rant. I suck at spelling and all things grammar. I would LOVE to go into the Peacecore. A year back I got into some legal trouble thanks to me being a stupid party kid. But I’ve cleaned up a lot. I guess I’m just ready to be transparent. To someone. Even if its just to a computer screen. I assume that is what it is going to be.

This year at school has proven to be a lonely one. I can’t begin to tell you how much my friends don’t get the R.A job. For those of you who don’t know, I will inform what an R.A is in a separate post. But I just wanted to get out. MY BOSS IS FRUSTRATING. That is all. I decided writing it was better than venting to anyone around here.

So far, this is so unorganized but my brain can’t handle organizing much else right now.

If anyone ever reads this, my bad.

with peace,


About attemptingconfidence

I'm your average twenty something female. Feel free to ask me anything I'm and open book or comment as you like.

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